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TRITTON AX Micro Bluetooth Headset

The Gadgets Weblog. I got around to giving it a good trial a while ago, and while I generally liked how the headset felt in my ear, I later uncovered some nasty issues with echo on at least one of my Nokia handsets.

The headset has an odd looking outer ear, doing away with the usual clip around the ear to hold it in place. Having managed to drain the four hour talk time battery in one day–had a lot of meetings that day–it was still fairly comfortable, yet secure. Perhaps the most comfortable headset I’ve used yet.

Unfortunately, comfort doesn’t make up for some awkwardness of manipulating the headset. Turning it on and off involves holding down a button for too long–5 seconds. By 3 seconds, I think something is wrong. Also, the tone that plays when you mute the headset–by holding down both the volume up and down keys simultaneously–is the same tone as when the headset is low on battery.

When I asked Tritton about the echo problem, which was basically that the remote person would hear me “echo,” they told me that some phones overdrive the bluetooth audio, which causes the echo cancellation to have issues. In theory, if I crank the volume down, the echo problem should go away.

The headset comes with a little stand to put the headset in and it can be charged with a mini USB cable. It actually kind of snaps in. A wall wort with a mini USB plug is also provided. For comfort alone, the headset is worth trying, and is competitively priced at $59.99 (retail, might be cheaper elsewhere).

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