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Nokia Stereo Bluetooth Headset BH-604

I’ve been wanting a pair of stereo bluetooth headphones for a while now. I finally got the opportunity to order a Nokia Stereo Bluetooth Headset BH-604 from the internal purchasing at Nokia.

Unlike a lot of their bluetooth stereo headsets I’ve seen, the cans are the transmitter. They are a bit “old skool” big, but I like that. They are well padded and feel reasonably comfortable. The sound quality is respectable, but I think that has more to do with A2DP not being nearly as good as a wired connection than the overall quality of the headphones.

The controls are on the right earpiece. The only one I find I have a huge problem with is the volume control on the bottom. It’s a bit sloppy in comparison to the other controls, which seem more solid.

I am pretty impressed with the range. I was able to walk a good 30 feet away from my Nokia N95 8GB before I experienced any dropouts. Considering that some regular bluetooth headsets have problems with anything farther than 3 feet, this is amazing!

The headset is a bit pricey ($149 or so) compared to many of the stereo bluetooth headsets I’ve seen, though for similar can-type headsets, it’s in the same ballpark.

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