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Zoom X4 5651 DSL Modem/Router

I need to replace my DSL modem. I didn’t “lease” my DSL modem from Centurytel. Basically, I need a modem that supports ADSL 2/2+, so I picked up the Zoom X4 5651 from Amazon.

The modem worked fine enough for what I would consider a “basic” user, but anyone who knows me knows I am anything but that. In fact, the sole reason I have a DSL connection (in addition to cable) is that I pay extra for a block of static IPs. Multiple static IPs on Cable modems are more expensive and more painful.

Anyway, I did what I do on every other DSL modem/router out there and the configuration didn’t work. I spent two or three evenings trying to trick the modem into a working configuration that didn’t involve allocating two of the six static IPs I am assigned.

I brought this to the attention of Zoom’s support staff through their website. To their credit, I did get a response within 24 hours. The answer was “this is not a supported configuration.” Pity, because I have an older Zoom modem here that does support that very configuration quite nicely.

As a result, the modem went back to Amazon. I’ve got a D-Link TR067/069 coming to see if it fares any better.

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