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Writing Spoon

The Writing Spoon is a rather interesting utensil. Or is it a pen? Artist Julia Mariscal describes the spoon this way:

I spend my life drawing: while I think, as I speak on the phone, have a cup of coffee, talk with my friends… at this moments a pen usually appears on the scene and I start drawing using whatever is at hand like the napkins, sugar, sachets, the bill, any sort of card… This spoon helps you to scribble, and accentuates the texture of the espresso, cappuccino or chocolate, which I prefer using to the ink of a pen.

Leave it in the drawer with the rest of the spoons, let it be a spoon until you want it to be something else.

Indeed. Unlike a lot of the “artistic” gadgets I’ve run across, this is actually for sale for 20.86 Euros at Vincon. A mighty expensive spoon, but like he says, let it be that way until you want to be something else.

Via Coolest Gadgets, Trendhunter

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