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D-Link DSL-2540B

In my quest to get an upgraded DSL modem, I think I may have found the modem: the D-Link DSL-2540B ADSL2/2+ Modem with 4-Port Ethernet Router.

Surprisingly, I plugged the modem in and it was able to find my VPI and VCI settings through the configuration wizard! The configuration screens were pretty straightforward and I was able to get the modem up and running pretty quickly. It also, unlike the Zoom X4 5651 modem I had before, seems perfectly happy to have the same IP on the LAN and WAN interface so I can use my static IPs.

Of course, problems with CenturyTel’s treatment of my static IPs did not make the experience painless. CenturyTel doesn’t support this modem, but thanks to the ability to telnet into the modem and use a Linux command line to do some troubleshooting, I was able to clearly identify the problem as being with CenturyTel’s network.

The DSL modem is one of the nicer looking modems I’ve seen. And, unlike every other DSL modem I’ve had, it has an off switch. Not that I use it much, but it beats unplugging the modem

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