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Pantech Breeze — Another Simple Phone

To continue the trend of “easy, simple cell phones,” Tom Keating over at the VoIP and Gadgets Blog on TMCnet writes about the Pantech Breeze, which is now available at AT&T in the U.S. market.

This flip phone has a large, oversized keypad. The interface is “simplified, easy-to-read.” It includes three “hot buttons” that can be used to automatically dial someone at the press-and-hold of a button.

However, it’s not entirely a no-frills phone as it includes a VGA camera, the ability to capture videos, use the web and download programs, and includes a small, outer screen. The price is also not entirely no-frills–$79.99 with a 2 year agreement or $199 unsubsidized.

This might be too many frills for some people, not to mention rugged enough for some of the emerging markets. However, the Nokia 6102i and Nokia 6101 my wife and mother-in-law carry have similar features, and they seem perfectly happy with their phones. Maybe this will hit in that same niche?

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