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It’s Official: Next Nokia Tablet Is HSPA Enabled

A developer involved with the Nokia Internet Tablets posted on Jaiku about the latest iteration of the Maemo software that runs on these tablets. Note that unlike the Symbian OS that runs on all of Nokia’s smartphones, the underlying Linux OS of Maemo is open source–80% of it is, anyway.

The big news–although not entirely surprising–is that the the next release of Maemo is going to have HSPA support, and it will be open-sourced! Is that for data only or will it have phone features, too?

There is also mention of photo sharing, a higher-quality camera, and a faster OMAP3 process. Wonder just how this stuff will all go together. Will it be a replacement for my beloved Nokia N95 8GB? Will it be a data-only device or a phone as well? What’s it going to cost?

Software is one piece of course. I wonder what the hardware’s gonna look like. We obviously won’t know for a while yet, but it’s nice to have a new piece of gear to look forward to.

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