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Solar Cell Charger by Daylight Savings

A while ago, when I was writing for Gadgets Weblog, I reviewed the Solio H1000 Universal Hybrid Charger. At $79.95, it seemed a bit pricey. Especially since I could never get the solar part of the charging to work very well.

Meanwhile, Mark Guim over at The Nokia Blog got a Solar Cell Charger by Daylight Savings. Unlike the Solio H1000, which required special cables, this appears to use standard USB cables both for charging–in case you live someplace where the sun never shines–and for the compatible charging tips for phones.

The battery in this bad boy is 1200mAh, which is enough to fully charge the Nokia N95 8GB that I typically carry. However, I will likely have to heed Mark’s warning about the included charging cables being too short and use the Nokia CA-100 cables I already keep handy.

I ordered one of these guys because the price was fantastic–$24.99 including shipping. We’ll see how the solar panels fare up here in the Pacific Northwest.

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