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Tesla Roadster Too Expensive? Try A Plug-in Motorcycle.

Can’t afford the Tesla Roadster, one of the few plug-in automobiles in existance? How about instead of an over $100,000 plug-in car, an $8,000 motorcycle that plugs in.

Yup, that’s what the folks at Electric Motorsport are selling in their Electric GPR-S. While I was occasionally on the back of my dad’s motorcycle as a kid, I don’t know much about them myself. However, I do know that this particular motorcycle can go up to 70 mph and get somewhere between 35 and 60 miles on a single charge, depending on how hard you drive it. The recharge time is 4 hours, or it can be brought down to 1.5 hours if you spend extra on the speed charger.

I suppose this is for the more adventurous green types among us. Me? I can’t see myself in one of these, considering how wet things can be up in my neck of the woods. Maybe in a climate that is more dry than the Puget Sound.

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