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Remaking yet again

Every time I remake, whether it’s editing the static pages I once had, or using a different content management system such as FAQ-O-Matic or GeekLog, I take the opportunity to try and improve the content. The act of “converting” from one system to another means some data may get lost in the translation, or I may just think it’s no longer relevant anymore. There’s also so much content that I “forget” in the process of converting that I have to go through more than one iteration of my site to ensure nothing gets lost, or at least nothing that might be still relevant gets lost.

There’s been a struggle within myself over the years about how much “control” I want over the content that makes up This really comes to a head when I’m forced to change content management systems. Much like the Check Point FireWall-1 product itself, the size of the FireWall-1 FAQs is now beyond what one person can reasonably be expected to manage on their own. It’s actually been that way for some time, but it’s taken me quite some time to admit this to myself. As a result, I’ve had to let-go of the content to some degree. One of the reasons I switched to a Wiki-type system was that it was a bit more open than some of the other options. It better allows you, the community, to help keep the site up to date–I don’t have nearly the time/energy I used to.

There are times I have considered simply “throwing in the towel” when it comes to this site. It’s a lot of work. The banners do bring in some extra cash, but it would by no means replace the money I make from my “real” job. However, I do recognize that there is a need within the community for a site like this. There always has been. Others have tried, but have failed for one reason or another. Someone’s gotta do it.

I would love it if everyone who has visited this site over the years take the time to write up one new FAQ entry for the Wiki, and/or help me move content over from GeekLog or FAQ-o-Matic sites. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but just think of the number of people you will help.

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