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GorillaPod Focus: Flexible Tripods For The Professionals

The Gorillapod Focus is a tripod designed for professional-grade cameras. Unlike most tripods that have rigid legs, the Gorillapod has flexible, yet sturdy legs, allowing you to, for instance, wrap the tripod around a post, or fold it up into an interesting shape. The camera attaches to the tripod with either a 1/4″ or 3/8″ screws (adapter included).

I don’t think I have a camera that weighs even close to 11 pounds–which is how much this little tripod will hold. If I did, this might be one of the tripods I would carry. It’d be cool if the tripod were longer, but even at 11 inches, you should be able to wrap this thing around something taller, if you need to!

At $149, it’s a bit pricey, but you have to remember where this is aimed at: people with several thousand dollar cameras. If your needs are a bit more modest and you have a smaller, lighter (up to 7 ounce) point-and-shoot camera, you can try the original Gorillapod for $24.95, including free ground shipping!

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