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Tokibots: Cute, Practical

TOKYObay Tokibot with a Nokia 6301TOKYObay is promising an invasion of robots in the form of clocks–some with alarms, some without. They also have robots (without clocks) that hang on keychains.

The Tokibots are small, as you can see the one TOKYObay sent me standing next to the Nokia 6301 on my desk. They stand roughly 4 inches and are made of metal. The arms and legs move. The head, not so much. The clock works and has a replacable battery similar to a watch.

My four year old daughter loves the Tokibot. She keeps wanting to take it out of my office and play with it. They are a bit pricey for that, at a price of $44, but she can come look at it anytime. Meanwhile, it will guard my desk.

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