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Lights Out, Mother’s!

Ok, this really isn’t a gadget. It’s a shirt. But it has meaning to anyone who grew up on the West Coast of the U.S. over the last several decades.

While trying to figure out why the hell gas has dropped to below $2 in my neck of the woods–not that I’m complaining, mind you–I discovered yet another victim of the global economic implosion: Mother’s Cookies.

I know that over the years, I’ve eaten my share of these little animal cookies covered in frosting and sprinkles. They weren’t something I had all the time, being a treat and all, but damn, they were good. They were part of growing up.

Unfortunately, Mother’s Cookies had to shut their doors in October of 2008 thanks to the rising costs of fuel, flour, butter and sugar. Oh, and of course, the ability to find credit.

Meanwhile, you can commemorate these tasty little cookies by purchasing this shirt from Cloth Moth for $25.

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