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Pulling Water From Thin Air

There’s a lot of water in the air, waiting to be claimed. For places that have water issues, bringing that water out of their air and into your body would certainly be nice.

That’s exactly what the WaterMill claims to: convert between 10% and 40% of that water vapor into clear, clean, drinkable water. To the tune of 12 liters a day. And it should do real well in places that need it, too.

I will have to admit, I’m having a hard time buying the claims of Element Four. The part that concerns me is that extracting upwards of 40% from the air worldwide likely will have some impact, whether or not the folks from Element Four think so or not. I also wonder how much electricity issded by the WaterMill as well. Not so much for me, of course, but certainly the intended recipients will care.

The product is now available as of yet. The store link for the side gives a message saying they will open Summer 2008. Hate to break it to you, but we’re half way through fall. Where’s the store? What’s it cost?

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