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Get a Nokia 2610 for Free, Help a Great Website!

nokia-2610I really, really like the guys at They post a lot of hard-hitting stories about mobile phone industry. They are also trying to go ad-free by running a rather peculiar promotion–buy a refurbed Nokia 2610 from AT&T for $0.01 after rebate. If 10,000 orders come in by the end of February 2009, the site will take down its ads. Sweet!

I have no reason to believe the guys from aren’t on the up-and-up here, but go to their post and follow the directions there! Even if you don’t get your rebate for some reason, $9.99 for an AT&T phone shipped to your door with $10 in airtime is a steal!

The Nokia 2610 is very much a low-end, no-frills phone. Great phone to have for a backup! (Nokia still pays my paycheck at the moment, so you might want to take my words with a small grain of salt. ;)

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