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Getting My CCSA/CCSE Again

Despite having written the book on Check Point Firewall-1–twice–it’s been several years since I’ve had my Check Point certifications (CCSA/CCSE). Given I’m likely going to be working for Check Point, I figure it’s a good idea to get my certs again.

Instead of going to a typical Authorized Training Center and taking the tests later, I am taking the classes offered by my friend Barry Stiefel in San Francisco. His classes, listed on , offer you the ability to get trained–and CCSA/CCSE certified–in 6 days. He has his own courseware and is an authorized testing facility.

The price for his 6 day course is an excellent deal. You get the classes, lunch and dinner each day, and the testing vouchers both the CCSA and CCSE for $3995 USD. This makes it both cost-effective and an efficient use of time.

Granted, even having not touched the product in any serious way in a few years, I could probably still pass the CCSA cold and the CCSE with a bit of prep. However, the one thing I haven’t played with at all is Secure Platform (lovingly called SPLAT by customers and support engineers alike). I figure a class can’t hurt.

I’ll keep you all posted how the class goes.

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