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Reflecting on 10 Years At Nokia

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10 years ago on Monday, I began working for Nokia. At that time, I was working for what was really a startup company that had been purchased by Nokia, but was still very much operating like a startup. Nokia had not exerted their influcence yet. We had no visibility what was going on in the larger Nokia at the time. We were doing our own thing.

Over time, we became assimilated into the Nokia way of doing things. We had corporate HR people, employing the wider corporate processes. We were integrated into the main IT infrastrucutre. We started employing Nokia’s processes for taking a product from an idea to a finished product.

I started at Nokia as of a customer support organization that started out like any typical startup’s support organization. Today, the support organization in Nokia’s Security Appliance Business is truly world-class support organization, staffed by some of the brightest, most customer-focused people on the face of the earth. To say I am proud to work with such a fine group of people is an understatement.

During my time, I tried to break out of the Security Appliance Business and get involved in other aspects of Nokia. I could see so many places where our expertise would have been helpful. Between that and the various organizational shuffling that has occurred over the years, I’ve met a ton of wonderful people!

Even though I don’t know how much longer I will still be at Nokia, I am very proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish at Nokia. I’ve learned a lot about life inside a large, multinational corporation. I’ve helped build a viable business. I’ve gotten a glimpse into how mobile phones and mobile phone software is made.

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