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Grandstream Configuration Wizards on Voxilla

Last night I finally finished Voxilla’s Grandstream Configuration Wizard for the Budgetone-101 and Handytone devices. I’ve been working on it for a while actually, but finally got around to finishing it.

It uses the same backend that’s used for the Sipura Configuration Wizards I did previously, just spits out different parameters. I also had to figure out some peculiarities of the Grandstream devices in the process.

I did some testing with my Budgetone-101 that I’ve got and it appears to work just fine. I’ve also got a Handytone-486 that I should test it with.

Of course, using the Budgetone, I feel just a tad disappointed. I can tell that I’ve gotten spoiled by the SPA-841, which is a little smaller than the Budgetone, has a headset jack, and supports up to 4 line apperances. It will be interesting to actually play with Grandstream’s answer to the SPA-841, the GXP-2000, which Voxilla reported on in October.

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