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Debris From the Inbox

I am starting to get more requests for “blog love” at a time when I have less and less desire to write. I am quickly coming to the realization that much of the stuff people are asking me to write about just isn’t that interesting. Quite honestly, I don’t want to simply echo what some PR people crafted into a press release. I’d rather write something that I am interested in, at least ;)

Meanwhile, here’s a few

From the “Do we really need another way to make free calls” department: Calling America is a new site that uses a “browser-based technology” (Flash) along with ads to provide free calling within the U.S.. If you don’t register, you can make a 2 minute call. If you register, you can make a 15 minute call. Are people this hard up for money that they’ll choose this over choosing to pay Skype $3 a month for unlimited US and Canada calls?

Thomas Howe Named CEO of Jaduka: While the folks I’ve talked with at Jaduka in the past are pretty smart and they certainly have the telephony infrastructure to back it up, Thomas Howe is most certainly the right guy to have at the helm. He truly understands how all this stuff will fit together. With Network IP’s infrastructure at his beck and call, who knows what kind of mashups they’ll be able to put together.

Peter Csathy Named CEO of Sorenson Media: I was wondering what was going to happen to Peter Csathy after Logitech acquired the company he was previously CEO of, SightSpeed. Turns out he’s taking his expertise in video over to the leading company behind compressing it for consumption on the Internet: Sorenson Media. Good stuff!

Poke Your Facebook Friends While On A Voice Call: This new technology developed by Ditech Networks called TokTok will let you access, among other things, web applications, social networks, Google calendar and Gmail contacts enabling people to schedule appointments, create new tasks, conference in others, and more – all mid-conversation. If the technology works with today’s craptastic mobile phone service, that would be a feat in itself. However, the thought of something listening in on my calls, even if it’s a computer? Sorry, that just creeps me out.

Skype to be Included in Nokia Handsets: The Nokia N97, when it ships, will include a version of Skype that actually makes calls using voice over IP instead of using the GSM/UMTS voice channel as it does today. This is undoubtedly going to cause some mobile operators some heartburn, but what else is new? I think this is a great idea, but will it change Nokia’s market share numbers? I doubt it.

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