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Santa Came Early This Year

This week, I have gotten a couple of toys to play with:

  • Packet 8 Virtual Office, which is one of their DTA units along with a cool business phone. I just now plugged everything in and started looking at it, I’m sure I’ll have more to say later.
  • IX66 SIP Switch. Now I’ve actually had the IX66 for a while, but I just over the past couple of days enabled the SIP Switch (which is a licensed feature), which enables one to receive and make calls on multiple Internet telephone service providers from a single SIP client. It’s a little like Asterisk in the sense you can make customized dial plans and call routing, but it doesn’t support the IVR functions of Asterisk, nor does it have voicemail. But it is a good SIP proxy.

I’m also supposed to get a replacement SPA-2100 tomorrow since my current one (which I got a couple months prior to the recent releasE) is apparently obsolete due to a motherboard revision.

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