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WordMobi 0.6: Now It Rocks

While I usually blog from my computer, I do like the ability to blog from a mobile phone from time to time. Unfortunately, there are many issues with blogging from your mobile, many of which would be solved by a half-way decent blogging client.

Enter Wordmobi . Wordmobi talks to WordPress blogs and allows you to both write posts, but also manage comments. The 0.6 version fixes the usual assortment of bugs, but also adds new features, including:

  1. The ability to craft and save posts without a network connection. Previous versions did not allow this, making it difficult to, say, write a blog post on an airplane ;)
  2. Post YouTube links, which brings up a URL with everything but the object ID filled in. I don’t see much use for this feature, but clearly someone wanted it ;)
  3. Can send posts to Twitter when you save them.

The software is for Nokia S60 devices that support Python. I personally use my Nokia E71, which works great with Wordmobi!

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