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RIP PhoneBoy’s Asterisk Server

Today, I powered down my own Asterisk server with no intention of turning it back on. While that might seem like a silly idea to a few of you in the audience, the primary reasons are two-fold:

  1. I have an IX66 with a SIP Switch. I have been playing with this product for Voxilla for the past several days. It basically allows me to route SIP calls in a similar fashion as a SPA-3000 or Asterisk. It can register with a number of service providers (depends on the number of SIP Switch Users you are licensed for) and provides call routing through the dial plan. It’s a firewall and a SIP proxy, thus most of the problems I’ve had with SIP and NAT quite simply go away.

  2. I have added some of the functionality I was using in my own Asterisk server on Voxilla’s — mostly related to inbound calling and Voicemail (something the IX66 will let you route to, but won’t actually do on it’s own). Voxilla’s server is on a better connection anyway, so this is a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

Since my Asterisk server isn’t serving any useful purpose at the moment, I’ve decided to turn it off and save the few watts of power it draws for the Christmas lights still on my house. :)

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