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Proper Skype for iPhone?

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There are a lot of ways to use Skype from a mobile phone. Both Skype and various third parties have clients that let you use various parts of Skype from your mobile phone. All of them, including the one Skype themselves produces, do not allow the use of VoIP over WiFi. From my point of view, this is the big downside to all of these clients.

I know on the Nokia side, there’s been some talk of a proper Skype client–specifically for the upcoming N97. That client will, supposedly,permit calling over WiFi. It makes me wonder if Skype’s native iPhone app that is allegedly being released next week will also offer this functionality.

While I’m sure Skype will get plenty of attention for a native iPhone app anyway, it needs the VoIP calling over WiFi to be more successful. Anyone who has used Skype knows how awesome the call quality is, particularly between Skype users. VoIP over the PSTN just isn’t the same.

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