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TruUnlimited Plans Aren’t

I really really HATE when companies that I believe know better launch an “unlimited” calling plan that has limits–not even reasonable ones at that. Today’s example are TruPhone‘s new TruUnlimited plans.

I have to say, the plans are reasonable enough. For $17 USD a month, you get unlimited calls to landlines in 38 countries (includes mobiles in 9 countries). For $40, in addition to landlines in 38 countries, you get calls to mobile phones in 69 countries!

The catch with these tariffs are twofold (Edit: yes, these limits are disclosed).

  • 3000 minute limit per month (which is “low” by unlimited calling standards)
  • A 60 minute limit on call length

It is conceivable that a single user not sharing his account could bump up against both limits easily.

To be clear, I’m not against the limits. I understand why they are there. However, I think it is, at best, misleading to call these plans unlimited when, clearly, they have limits.

Then again, everyone else with an “unlimited” plan also has limits. Then again, doing something just because everyone else does it doesn’t make it right.

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