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PhoneBoy Goes Corporate, Twitter Style

Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd.

One of my tasks at Check Point Software has been to help develop a social media strategy for the company. While I do not report into the marketing organization, I have a lot of experience building a community around Check Point, dating back more than a decade. I also am familiar with various social media toolks like Twitter, being one of the first Twitter members back in 2006.

While I’ve had the account going for a couple of weeks now, I can now officially announce Check Point’s corporate Twitter account: @checkpointsw. And yes, I am the guy behind it. It’s not Check Point’s first Twitter account, though, as @zonealarm has been around for a bit longer.

While I can’t help but use the account to push out information about Check Point products, which includes ZoneAlarm stuff, I will relay interesting security articles I run across as well as engage in the network security discussions. And, of course, try and help customers out along the way.

This is a completely new direction for me, and hopefully I won’t make too many mistakes along the way :) Let me know what you think, I’m open to ideas and suggestions.

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