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USB 2.0 to 3D Audio Sound Card

dsc_7942_360I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while, as the folks from Budget Gadgets sent me one of these a while ago: a USB 2.0 to 3D Audio Sound Card. The upshot of this device is that it converts an analog headset and microphone to USB, which is nice on computers that don’t offer these analog input, such as my old Mac Mini.

This device does not need any USB drivers as it is treated like a regular USB sound device, which most operating systems recognize immediately. I plugged it into a Windows XP computer and tested it with Skype, which worked flawlessly.

The price is right at about $8, including shipping. If you want to save 5% off this and other cool things you might buy at Budget Gadgets–and they have a number of nifty items that I want to purchase–use the coupon code: DM5OFF12

One word of warning: since items come from Hong Kong, the shipping can take a few weeks to reach the US.

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