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What Will The Emerging Nokia Look Like?

A friend of mine’s post got me thinking about what I’m hearing from my friends who, technically, still work for Nokia, though they have no job. They were the people that either were not offered a job at Check Point Software when they bought our business from Nokia or declined to take an offer.

I won’t get into the specifics of what I’ve heard, but it isn’t good. The double whammy of the global recession and market pressures from Apple and RIM is shaking Nokia to its very core. Nokia is shedding people, reorganizing, and hopefully, trying to get more focused.

While I don’t truly have any inside information, I suspect we’ll see Nokia announce more layoffs over the next several months. We will hear more about how Nokia is refocusing. The company that emerges from this process, which I suspect will take a couple of years or more, will be very different than the one I spent 10 years at. Hopefully leaner, meaner, and hungrier, prepared to properly address triple-threat of RIM, Apple, and the emerging threat of Google via Androio.

What will this company look like? What will this company do? And will it be too late? It all remains to be seen.

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