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Yak WorldCity VoIP

I must be noticed by some people in the VoIP industry because now I’m starting to get press releases via email. Hm…

Anyway, today I get an email about yak WorldCity VoIP. They have an outgoing only service that includes 500 minutes for $9.99 USD and a service that includes a DID (US, Canada, and UK) and features for $14.99, but still only limited to 500 minutes. Overage for US/Canada calls is $0.02 a minute, which is what they charge to call certain European countries as well. They support a Mediatrix CPE similar to what Broadvox Direct uses as well as a softphone. You can choose which you want when you sign up. And they’re apparently waving the setup fee until the end of February.

Ho hum, maybe I’m just tired because it’s late, but I don’t see anything in this service that excites me. What does Yak have over the others? What does any provider have over any other? Where is the differentiation? Who is going to survive when the consolidation monster comes?

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