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The Intertex IX66

This post on the Voxilla Forums pretty much sums up why I like my IX66 and, even though it’s pricy, why it’s worth looking into getting.

I have the IX66 with the SIP Switch and get the following benefits

  1. Absolutely no set up to do, port opening, STUN, or Nat traversal, every device (SPAs, Cisco phones, softphones work straight off, as do multiple service providers)
  2. No excessive traffic due to frequent re-registrations due to STUN and NAT Traversal
  3. My email address is also my SIP Address, (ie [email protected] rather than [email protected] mine to keep forever, even if I change service provider)
  4. Where every I am in the world I can register on my IX66 via an internet connection and make and receive calls
  5. I host my own SIP domains (currently 3) (just like hosting websites)
  6. Least cost routing is very simple, the IX66s dialplan routes calls from my 7960s or analogue devices via my SPA-3000
  7. My father-in-law 60 miles away has a SIP domain (also his email address) hosted on my IX66, and he can share my outbound minutes and call me by dialling a single digit, as I can him
  8. Family and friends in the UK can call local numbers to them, and reach my where every I am. I’ve even got a New York number that forwards to my SIP address.
  9. Call forwarding, the IX66 can simply divert calls to say my mobile (using the dialplan and the cheapest service provider)
  10. Also, it’s a really effective stateful inspection firewall, router, DSL modem with two Ethernet ports (great for providing separate NATed and DMZ zones), SIP Proxy & SIP PBX.
  11. What’s it missing, just voicemail

Best bit of hardware I’ve bought in years.

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