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Portable Mobile Charger for iPhone

Over the years, I’ve collected gobs of Nokia chargers. I have a box full of them, not to mention the half dozen or so I keep plugged in. Unfortunately, none of them do any good on the iPhone. This means trolling eBay looking for various iPhone chargers.

One of the chargers I found was this little portable charger. It takes the standard iPhone charging cable and plugs into the bottom of your iPhone, charging both simultaneously. The battery on this charger is 1900 mAh, which is more than enough to completely recharge your iPhone battery. It has lights that come on both when it is being charged and when it is charging the iPhone.

This unit cost roughly $13 on eBay from a US-based seller. It is clearly made in China and not approved by Apple. It does, however, get the job done. Just be aware that the charger doesn’t click-in like the standard iPhone cable does, so you want to be careful while this charger is plugged into your iPhone. However, having a charger small enough to carry in your pocket is a great thing–especially considering any serious iPhone usage drains the battey pretty quick.

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