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Seeing the doctor — finally

This morning, I ended up having to take my daughter to the doctor because we thought my daughter might still have an ear infection after taking two rounds of antibiotics. Turns out she didn’t, but we’ve gotta check these things.

The doctors office where we take our kids has lots of other doctors in it. There’s an office in the same building that is basically a periatrician office (i.e. they only have pediatricians in that office), but for some reason, our pediatrician is with the group of doctors that isn’t a pediatrician. Go figure. Anyway, since I had to wait a little bit, I decided I should avail myself of the opportunity to actually get an appointment to see the doctor — something I’ve been needing to do, well, forever.

It’s something I should have done prior to starting Atkins. It’s something I should have done after being on Atkins for a while. You know, to make sure my cholesterol isn’t out of whack or I’m killing myself some other way. It’s something I haven’t done since I was a teenager, which was the last time I had a physical.

I think my adversion to doctors comes from my mother. My mother never trusted them for whatever reason, even though she’s seen her share of them. I think this constant “I hate doctors” talk probably had some effect on my opinion of them. Eye doctors are an exception, primarily because I need to see an eye doctor to get glasses or contact lenses. That and we had a really killler Optomotrist in Santa Cruz.

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