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Gil Shwed Opens NASDAQ


Photo © Copyright 2009, The Nasdaq Stock Market, Inc.

Last week, when I was down in Redwood City in the Check Point office, the PR folks told me that our CEO, Gil Shwed, was going to be ringing the opening bell as the NASDAQ stock exchange. Obviously, I couldn’t say much about it then, but I thought it was pretty cool. The official press release went out on Tuesday and, today, I got to watch the event live from the privacy of my home at 6:15am PDT.

PR is not my primary job at Check Point, though I’ve been helping out with that on various fronts as of late, particularly in the social media realm. Because of that, I was able to play a small role in the PR for this event. Aside from mentioning it on Twitter on both the Check Point’s corporate and my personal Twitter accounts, I put together the video of Gil Shwed opening NASDAQ that is now linked from Check Point’s corporate PR page.

I have to admit, I felt a sense of pride and accomplishment seeing my handiwork linked directly on our corporate site.

In addition to the NASDAQ opening bell, Gil was briefly interviewed by Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg TV. The interview is mostly about how Check Point makes money in a recession and what acquisitions they are looking to make. Nothing earth shattering or surprising here, but it’s nice to see my employer get some airtime.

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