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My wife’s parents are now Broadband-enabled

Today, the cable company showed up at my in-laws place to install their new spiffy broadband connection with the cable company. Apparently, the tech who was there to check their computer to make sure it “met the requirements” was rather pleased with how the computer was set up. It had XP SP2, Spybot, Ad-aware, Mozilla Firefox as the default browser, and they couldn’t find IE (it’s there, just not the default browser). To quote them, it was the best computer they’ve looked at.

And I might have had a small hand in making their computer that way. Especially since they asked me to disinfect their computer several months ago. :)

This evening, I gave them one of my old routers to put their PC behind. The idea of putting a Windows platform directly connected to the Internet just goes against everything I believe in. It also gives them an opportunity to share the Internet connection with a PC they have, which is also probably in desperate need of disinfecting. It also needs a network card, of which I happen to have many extras.

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