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Need Help on a Choosing a Smartphone Presentation

In a few months, I am planning to give a presentation to the West Sound Technology Association on choosing a Smartphone. The audience is not entirely technical, and I’ve only got an hour, so I want to avoid overly geeky details. I’m just trying to give an overview of the market as it exists in the US. This includes things like platforms (e.g. Android, iPhone), operators (e.g. Verizon Wireless, AT&T), buying from an operator versus buying unlocked, and hopefully some general advice.

One might wonder why I am working on this presentation now when I don’t have to give it for a few months. Simple. I’m on vacation and this gives me something to do.

By the time I end up giving this presentation, I know some of the details will have changed or a handset I mention today won’t be available. That’s okay. Details like that are easy to update. What I’m needing help on is more along the lines of “am I on the right track” and “what details am I missing or getting wrong.”Details that a “normal mobile user” can appreciate and understand.

Feedback of all sorts is welcome and appreciated.

Choosing a Smartphone v1 (PDF link)

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