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Following the Conversation

I feel bad, in a way, that I haven’t been posting to my blog. Then again, I think I know why. The conversation is, for the most part, elsewhere.

Does it mean my blog is a failure? Am I not getting the hits I want or the comments I want? Not really.

One of the things I’ve learned is not to try and treat all communication the same way. Not all conversations are the same. Not all mechanisms for conversing are the same.

The trick is knowing where, when, and how to have the right conversation. Sometimes, that’s my blog. Sometimes it’s Twitter, Facebook, a phone call, or in person. Sometimes you have to use all these forms together.

Right now, one of my major conversations is with Check Point Software’s customers. This conversation is mostly on CPUG, but I am also seeking out and having customer conversations on Twitter, Facebook, and other places. Yes, this is my job and my personal blog is not necessarily the right place to have that conversation :)

Meanwhile, this is the right place for this ephemeral thought. Or is it? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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