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Go Daddy’s Commercial and the Super Bowl

I had heard/read some flack that the Internet registrar Go Daddy actually had their commercial pulled from the Super Bowl. Not having seen the commercial because we were buying my son a new bed during the first half of the SuperBowl, I had no idea what the fuss was.

Now that I’ve seen the commercial, which Go Daddy has made available on their Go Daddy 2005 Super Bown Commercial page, I still don’t see what the big deal is. I guess the fine folks at the National Footbal League don’t want to be reminded of last year’s “wardrobe manfunction” that Janet Jackson had.

This year, the fine folks at the NFL didn’t want to take any chances of a wardrobe malfunction, so they got aging Beatle Paul McCartney to perform at this year’s Super Bowl. And while I personally have nothing against Paul McCartney, and even like his music, it’s blatantly obvious they chose him because he’s non-controversial.

I still don’t understand the whole Janet Jackson thing. Every woman I know has breasts. Breasts are a perfectly natural thing for women to have. There is nothing inherently sexual about a breast. Sure, they happen to be attractive to men and might also be a part of the sexual experience. You can use hands in a sexual way, too. Should we ban the showing of hands on TV?

One thing I appreciated when I was visiting Europe was the fact that they are so much less puritanical about sex than we are in the United States. I watched several TV shows exhibiting both male and female nudity that weren’t “sexual” in any way. One guy actually lived his life completely naked, and this TV show was interviewing him, following him around, etc. They showed him completely naked, even the front without blurry, obscured, pixelated bits. That had to have been the first time I had seen a non-obscured male penis on television that wasn’t in a porno film. And it wasn’t a big deal.

Would I let my kids watch a porno? Probably not. A naked breast, penis, butt, or vagina are not sexual in and of themselves. They are perfectly natural things human beings have and seeing them isn’t going to rot your brain or make you immoral. I grew up going to nude beaches with my mom. I am used to seeing people in all of their naked glory NOT HAVING SEX OR BEING SEXUAL. Why certain people in this country get so hung up over seeing certain human body parts is beyond me.

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