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One Year Later

A year ago, I worked at Nokia. That changed when Nokia’s Security Appliance Business got sold to Check Point. The deal officially closed one year ago today. Now I work for Check Point, and though my official start date at Check Point is my original Nokia start date, tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of Check Point signing my paychecks.

That year seems so long ago. The weeks and months leading up to the eventual close of the deal were some of the more difficult times I’ve been through personally and professionally. The number of unknowns were simply staggering.

One year later, it’s a much different picture. Based on my past experience with Nokia acquisitions of other companies that were integrated into our business unit, I’d say that Check Point did an excellent job. The fact that so many of my former Nokia colleagues are still at Check Point speaks to that.

Personally, it’s been fantastic. The stuff I’m getting to work on now is stuff that I wanted to work on at Nokia, but could not for various reasons. I can’t talk about all of it, of course, but it’s a good balance of customer/internal projects and social media-type activities. Yes, this means I’m posting on CPUG a fair bit as well as continuing to build our Twitter and Facebook presences and working with various parts of the company on how we can better utilize these communication mechanisms. I’m definitely not bored and there’s plenty for me to do :)

Speaking of which, back to work…

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