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MCI, Qwest, and Verizon

VoIP is just a small part of the overall telecom industry, so why have a category limited to just VoIP? I also rant about mobile phones (after all, I am PhoneBoy :)

Anyway, the only thought I can think when I hear about both Qwest and Verizon bidding for MCI is: deseperation, especially in the case of Qwest. Qwest is definately the weakest of the baby bells, having one of the least lucrative set of states to provide local service in (mostly sparsely populated states) and using Sprint to provide their wireless service. Verizon obviously has Verizon Wireless, SBC and Bell South have Cingular, both of which are #2 and #1 respectively in their number of customers.

And with all these telecom mergers supposedly going on, none of them have been approved by the Feds yet, so who knows if they will actually happen. The Feds could say “screw you all, you need to be seperate companies, innovate or die!” Even if they merge, if they don’t innovate, they’ll still die, they’ll just be a slightly larger beast to slay.

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