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Finding the Perfect iPhone Case

If you own a high-end smartphone, chances are, you want to put it in a case to protect it. I’ve used a few over the years and, honestly, I’m not happy with any of them for various reasons.

The latest case I’ve looked at came from the folks from MobileFun, whom sent me one for review: a leather case with a built-in battery. The case covers the front and back of the iPhone and includes a hole on the top for headphones. The 1440 mHa battery built into the case plugs into the bottom of the phone and has an on-off switch. At the bottom of the case is a mini-USB cable which can be used to charge the battery pack. If the switch is turned on, you can also sync and charge your iPhone at the same time.

In my testing, the battery in the case was sufficient enough to take the phone from 10% to roughly 90% while using the phone. It’s more than enough to top off your iPhone’s battery to make it through the day. It also does not appear to impeded phone reception, either. A huge bonus.

While it’s a great charging case, I generally find it too bulky for everyday use. I also believe the case needs a battery indicator letting me know how much juice is in there.

My quest for the perfect iPhone case continues…

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