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Missing out on some stuff next week

Next week, VON is going on in the San Francisco Bay Area. I actually got invited to be on the VoIP Blogger Panel by Andy, but I couldn’t be down there next week, so of course I’m not on the panel. I’m not sure I would have had much to say anyway, but then again it would have been really cool to meet people like Andy, Tom Keating, Om Malik, and Jeff Pulver. You don’t get opportunities like that very often. Sigh

In addition, our guy at Voxilla who lives up in Vancouver, BC is going to be in the office all next week. It would have been fun to meet him as well as hang out in the Voxilla office with everyone. We’ve also got some new people on staff now and we’re in the process of getting a whole bunch of new equipment to support our new office.

Meanwhile, I will be stuck in my secret lair, as Lonnie so elouqently described it.

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