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A New Homefront?

My wife and I had been talking about getting a new house for a while. We are outgrowing the existing house. If we have another kid, we will definitely be busting at the seams. Today, in fact, we cleared out our guest room (which we were mostly using as a storage room :) , put some stuff in an actual storage space, and cleared the way for a “play room.” Lost the nice, inconspicuous space to stuff my WiFi access point in the process, though. Oh well, at least we have more space to fill up somewhere else now. :)

The prospect of a new house got pushed forward when the lots we had been looking at had their “measurement stakes” put out, which caused us to “get off the pot” so to speak and start that process. Verbally, at least, we’ve agreed to the idea of building a house right next door to my inlaws (which currently only live a few houses away anyway) and talk to the builder, which is the same one that built our existing house. Figuring out the finances of it will be a different matter.

This time around, the house will be bigger. The garage will be bigger for sure. Three car garage with some extra depth. This small two-car garage thing we’ve got going now just doesn’t work. We had a three-car garage in Spokane, which we really liked.

Then there’s the office situation. As you probably know, I work out of my house. I have several large computers that make lots of noise and generate lots of heat. In the summer, or even when there’s just a lot of afternoon sun, my office above the garage swelters. I need a seperate, well-ventilated room for most of my computers to go into, as well as a place for all of the CAT6 wiring to terminate into. Oh yeah, I need more jacks throughout the house as well. :)

Let the fun begin…

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