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Where’s the REAL Skype ATA?

Andy referred to James Enck who referred to this little piece on the ActionTec Internet Phone Wizard. Not impressed.

I basically already have the ability to use a cordless phone with a little device called the Chat Cord, which we sell at the Voxilla Store. It not only works with Skype, but other things as well, and it’s not even Windows specific (though the Skype software they supply is).

The one thing I can see that the Actiontec device does differently is that it adds the ability to switch over to a regular PSTN line with the press of a button. I do like that. Kind of reminds me of a device that SIPphone sells except that device is a SIP endpoint.

In any case, I’m not impressed. It still requires a Windows computer. When they can provide a Skype ATA that doesn’t require you to have Skype running on your computer to use it, let me know.

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