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Skype on Linux, take 2

After spending a day or so upgrading my Gentoo box to the new spiffy KDE 3.4, I decided to give Skype a try again. Lo, and behold, it worked. For good measure, I also upgraded Skype on Linux to the latest build, which was released sometime today.

Since I don’t know anyone on Skype, or at least I don’t know anyone’s Skype name, I couldn’t really call anyone to test. I did register for Skype In and have had Skype Out for a while. I got a Skype In number in San Jose, CA. I placed a few test calls using my Chat Cord.

While the volume of the audio was lower than I’d like, it worked. It might have also been I was talking in quieter tones since everyone’s asleep.

If anyone wants to try me on Skype, feel free to find me as

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