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Qwest and Online Customer Service

The whole point of online customer service is: you can get what you want done whenever you want to do it. Unfortunately, with Qwest, that seems to be not possible.

Qwest has a reasonable site where you can see what services you have and add/change services as desired. Sure, it takes the usual couple of days or so to actually implement the changes, but at least you can make the request online. Try making that request at, say, Midnight, which is when I have the time to do it, and you can’t. That part of the site isn’t working at night. Neither is the part of the site that tells you whether or not your phone line is DSL capable. I can’t even get in and look at my current bill.

If you at Qwest’s Scheduled Maintenance link on their MyAccount page, they list downtimes as follows:

  • Mon.-Fri.: midnight-6AM MST
  • 10PM-6AM MST
  • 9PM-11AM MST

I can understand occasional downtime to upgrade something, even a weekly maintenance period, but I cannot understand daily maintenance being needed for a minimum of 6 hours. Sheesh, these online customer service hours are almost as bad as the “live” customer service for Cingular.

With VoIP providers like Vonage or BroadVoice, I can log onto their portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Assuming they aren’t having an outage, I can get realtime account information, order new services, change my existing service and features and much more. And I can do it whenever I want to.

Oh well, I guess that’s what I get for dealing with an ILEC.

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