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Is Skype Convenient?

Riian responded to my comments on the Skype ATA, as well as some commnets by others. He did see my point, which I always appreciate.

One of the reasons Riian likes Skype is because it is convienient to him. While I can certainly see why he likes it, it is not convienient for me. Maybe it’s because I don’t have this Skype ATA, which would require another inconvenience: running Windows. Not to say I don’t have machines here that I use Windows on regularly, I just prefer to do most of my real work in Linux.

Between a conventional instant messaging client like GAIM and the other VoIP services I have, I can accomplish the same basic goals that I can with Skype. Oh sure, an integrated VoIP and IM client would be peachy, but I’d have to convince everyone I deal with to use it to derive the kind of benefits everyone is touting. Since that’s not possible, I have to make do with my non-integrated tools, which quite honestly are convienent in similar ways as Skype is for Riian and others like him.

Different strokes for different folks…

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