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My Asterisk Server Must Come Back

I am outgrowing the ability for the SIP Switch in my Intertex IX66 to service the various VoIP adapters I have. I am also getting a variety of ATAs to test and I need *something* to hook them up to. So it’s time to bring back my Asterisk server.

Since then, I’ve also “seen a better way” to do Asterisk thanks to the work that Paul Crick has done on Voxilla’s Asterisk server. He’s got things done in a way that makes a huge amount of sense, though I obviously need to adapt it a bit for my own use. It’s organized. It uses macros for just about everything, and does way more than I did. Of course, he’s got a tad more experience with Asterisk than I do.

Since I don’t have hours and hours to work on it, it’s going to take me several days to get it up and running. But I can already see this whole thing’s gonna be a lot easier to maintain once I do eventually code in all the logic I want to code in.

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