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ActionTec GT701-WG

Today, I finally got my care package from Qwest which included the ActionTec GT701-WG, which ActionTec doesn’t list on their site anywhere, though they do list a similar model. Here is the spec sheet Qwest provides. Someone even did a nice interactive demo of the admin screens.

I’m actually reasonably impressed by this hardware, moreso than the Zoom that I got last week. In addition to the DSL modem capability and the usual port forwarding, port mapping, etc, it’s a 802.11b/g access point. It also runs Linux! You can even telnet into the beast and poke around the Linux. Way cool for something an ILEC gives out.

I’ll probably start playing with it more once Qwest gives me the DSL speed I originally asked for and move more of my connectivity over to it, but in the meantime, it looks promising.

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