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So much for not needing a Truck Roll

Qwest was supposed to enable my DSL link to run 1.5/896 this evening. The correct package is now showing in Qwest’s MyAccount portal, but the modem is still training at 640/256. This evening, I called into’s technical support (which operates 24×7 at least). They basically said “there’s nothing we can do about it on this end, we need to have someone go out to the DSLAM and see what’s wrong.” In short, a Truck Roll. Maybe not to my house, but a truck has to roll out to my neighborhood DSLAM anyway.

The good news is that I still have my cable connection up, and I will for the next couple of months until my contract expires. Whether or not I keep DSL or not will depend on if Qwest can actually deliver on the service I have ordered. I can say that what I’ve used of the DSL connection (one of my work computers is using it), it’s been fairly solid. It’s just been a little slower.

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