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New Blogging Software

I’ve had a few issues with Movable Type (mostly with the plugins and the license requiring payment for commercial use), so I have decided to try the Nucleus CMS for my blog. It has most of the same features as Movable Type, but it seems to be a nicer interface.

Probably the biggest thing that got me to try Nucleus was the fact that there was an Import script for Movable Type installations. It required a bit of work on my part to get working, but I managed to import most of the data. I’ll have to go through the blog and see how everything got migrated, especially the attachments. :)

The blog is also now on a seperate server from the rest of Figure I’m paying $20 a month for 1&1 to host a website (among other things), I might as well take advantage of it. There are some reasons I decided to move the blog to a different server that I will share when the time is right.

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