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Gone DSL Whole Hog

This evening, I performed the surgery necessary to move my entire network to go through the DSL link. The cable connection is still there, and will be for another couple of months. Let’s really put this link to the test.

Meanwhile, there’s a thread over on DSL Reports that suggests Qwest will start making 5mb DSL (or maybe even 7mb) available in May. Of course, this is not based on anything Qwest has directly said, but rather someone who works for a Qwest partner and happens to post on DSL Reports. The forum member says his “announcements” of this sort in the past have all come true, so we’ll see.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the telcos reach their theoretical max of 8mb/1mb on DSL. Cable has a different upper limit and, if they throw enough muscle behind it, could easily provide more bandwidth than the telcos. Should get interesting.

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